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Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and we’re proud to say that we have a 5-star rating on Google, Home Advisor, and Yelp! We’ve worked with an array of wonderful clients on the most rewarding projects. Here is what they have to say about our work:
Welliem Mark

Outstanding service from Pro Garage Door Repair Durham! Prompt response, skilled technicians, and a quick, efficient repair. My garage door is now in top-notch condition, and I'm impressed with their professionalism. Highly recommend for any garage door issues.

Sean McGill

Pro Garage Door Repair Durham made getting a new garage door a breeze. Extensive selection, smooth installation, and a flawless final product. If you're in the market for a new garage door, look no further than Pro Garage Door Repair Durham.

Gazal Sachdeva

Quick and efficient commercial door repair by Pro Garage Door Repair Durham. Their expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction are unmatched. Will definitely rely on them for future commercial door needs.

John Mark

Experience with Pro Garage Door Repair Durham for automatic gate installation. They guided me through the process, and the end result is a perfectly functioning, automated gate. Highly recommended for anyone considering this upgrade.

Aselef Keneto

Impressed with Pro Garage Door Repair Durham for box truck door repairs. Quick diagnosis, efficient repair, and now my doors operate smoothly. Their attention to detail and quality service make them my go-to for similar repairs. Highly recommended!

Mila Cooper

In a pinch with a malfunctioning commercial door, Pro Garage Door Repair Durham delivered prompt and efficient service. Their skilled team swiftly resolved the issue, showcasing their expertise in commercial door solutions. Dependable and quick Pro Garage Door Repair Durham is my go-to for commercial door needs.

Robert Sanjay

Pro Garage Door Repair Durham impressed me with their gate automation service. From the initial consultation to the final installation, the process was seamless. The automated gate not only adds convenience but also reflects the precision and expertise of Pro Garage Door Repair Durham. For anyone seeking top-notch gate automation, they come highly recommended.

John Smith

Pro Garage Door Repair Durham excels in swift, precise garage door repairs. Their skilled technicians diagnose issues promptly, ensuring a seamless restoration of functionality. From spring replacements to sensor fixes, they cover it all. Dependable and efficient service every time.

Emily Davis

If your garage door is acting up, Pro Garage Door Repair Durham is the go-to solution. With a knack for troubleshooting, they address issues swiftly. Their commitment to quality repair work ensures your garage door operates smoothly, enhancing home security effortlessly.

Mike Thompson

Trust Pro Garage Door Repair Durham for reliable garage door fixes. Their seasoned professionals handle everything from noisy mechanisms to unresponsive doors. With a customer-first approach, they not only repair but educate, making them the ultimate choice for garage door repairs.

Jessica Miller

Elevate your home’s curb appeal with Pro Garage Door Repair Durham’s new garage door installations. A seamless process from consultation to installation, they offer a variety of styles and materials. Transform your home effortlessly with their expert guidance and precision.

Brian Wilson

Looking to upgrade? Pro Garage Door Repair Durham’s new garage door installations redefine aesthetics and functionality. Their diverse range ensures a perfect fit for every home. Experience a hassle-free installation process, and enjoy the enhanced visual appeal of your property.

Sarah Johnson

For a hassle-free and elegant garage door upgrade, Pro Garage Door Repair Durham is your trusted partner. With a keen eye for design and a commitment to quality, they turn your vision into reality. Elevate your home’s aesthetic with their seamless new garage door installations.

David Taylor

Pro Garage Door Repair Durham extends its expertise to commercial spaces with top-notch commercial door repair services. Quick response times and skilled technicians ensure minimal business disruption. Trust them to keep your commercial doors functioning seamlessly.

Ashley Roberts

Businesses rely on Pro Garage Door Repair Durham for prompt and efficient commercial door repairs. Their team understands the urgency and works diligently to restore security and functionality. Elevate your business operations with their reliable commercial door repair services.

Chris Anderson

In the business world, time is money. Pro Garage Door Repair Durham values both. Their commercial door repair services are tailored for swift resolutions. Experience minimal downtime with their expert team dedicated to keeping your business doors in optimal condition.

Amanda White

Secure your property with Pro Garage Door Repair Durham’s automatic gate installations. Beyond enhancing security, their systems offer convenience. From consultation to installation, they prioritize customer preferences, ensuring a seamless transition to automated gate access.

Kevin Turner

Pro Garage Door Repair Durham brings sophistication to your property with their automatic gate installations. Combining security and convenience, their expert team guides you through the process. Enjoy peace of mind with their seamless and reliable automatic gate solutions.

Jennifer Garcia

Upgrade your property’s security effortlessly with Pro Garage Door Repair Durham’s automatic gate installations. Their commitment to precision and customer satisfaction ensures a smooth installation process. Experience the convenience of automated access without compromising on safety.

Brandon Mitchell

Pro Garage Door Repair Durham caters to the unique needs of box truck owners with specialized box truck door services. From repairs to installations, their team ensures the integrity of your cargo. Trust them for prompt, reliable solutions tailored to the demands of your business.

Lauren Taylor

Business on the move? Pro Garage Door Repair Durham understands the importance of functional box truck doors. Their specialized services guarantee swift repairs and seamless installations. Keep your cargo secure and your business rolling with their expert box truck door solutions.

Ryan Adams

Pro Garage Door Repair Durham is your partner in ensuring the reliability of your box truck doors. Specialized services, timely repairs, and efficient installations cater to the unique demands of your business. Trust them for top-notch solutions that keep your cargo safe and your operations smooth.